Mitacs Accelerate Post-Doc Opportunity

Whale Seeker uses AI to detect whales from remotely sensed images and is pushing forward whale conservation and carbon credits. Read more about this initiative here.

Whaleseeker is putting together a research project, to fill some gaps in knowledge to quantify and have certified a carbon offset system in Arctic Canada as a pilot project. By creating a smaller scale use case, they will be able to take the developed framework and apply it more widely in the future. Whale Seeker has support from Verra to advise along the way and make sure the system developed through this research is poised to take the next steps. They also have support from industry partners as well as government organizations to strengthen our findings and conclusions in a holistic way across industries and interests. 

Whale Seeker plan to conduct a one-year research project with a post-doc, supervised by PIs in marine ecology and/or conservation economics. The findings will be used to generate the information needed to create a methodology that can serve towards a concrete carbon credit project for four species found in Canada’s Arctic region: narwhals, beluga whales, bowheads, and killer whales.

We encourage emerging CANSEE researchers to apply for this opportunity! Learn more here.