Virtual Gathering: Reclaiming the Sacred. June 10-12, 2021

CANSEE is deeply honoured to partner with Indigenous Climate Action to host a three-day virtual gathering, Reclaiming the Sacred, taking place June 10-12, 2021.

As society grapples with a growing climate crisis and faltering economies, Indigenous Peoples across the globe are proposing a return to the sacred, a return to relationships with each other and the lands. The gathering will feature five main topics of discussion: i) A Just Transition explores concepts including energy justice and democracy; ii) Healing Justice recognizes the role of resiliency and healing from histories of trauma and violence; iii) The Red Deal calls for action beyond the concept of the colonial state; iv) The Ransom Economy examines the systematic theft of Indigenous lands and autonomy through resource “development”; v) Place-Based Economies envisions self-determination as a key step in asserting development choices based on values, priorities and community needs.

We welcome interested members to learn more about this gathering by visiting Indigenous Climate Action and on social media.