We want to inspire and support ecological economic movements and events across Canada – but we need your help to do it.
We have a number of officer positions available to be filled including:

Regional Officers

Regional officers have three primary responsibilities:

1. Let the CANSEE communications committee know about relevant events and research coming out of your region

2. Disseminate CANSEE information to relevant organizations in your region, and

3. Hold regional meetings. You can do one, or all, of these responsibilities.

Internal Communications Officer

Assists VP-Communications with keeping the CANSEE community updated and informed (such as being a Facebook/Twitter admin, newsletter coordinator)


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Education and Research Officer

Responsible for assisting VP-Education and Research in formulating and enacting CANSEE’s research goals.

Francophone Officer

Responsible for translating newsletters and other relevant materials, and ensure there is french content on the website.

External Communications Officer

Assists VP-Communications with external work such as policy letters, blog posts, editorials for magazines, and research papers.

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