2013 Conference: “Sustaining the Commons: Ideas and Actions for a Green Economy”

The Canadian Society for Ecological Economics (CANSEE) held its 2013 biennial conference ‘Sustaining the Commons: Ideas and Actions for a Green Economy‘ October 31st to November 2nd at York University in Toronto.  The event was a great success.  It brought in a great number of interesting speakers, attracted nearly 150 registrants, and generated considerable student interest.  Click here for a conference program or see the links below for summaries, presentation slides and videos from some of the presentations.

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Plenary Presentations

  • Bill Rees – Ecological Economics, Degrowth and Denial: The Role of Social Engineering  

  • Ellie Perkins– Building Commons Governance for a Greener Economy

  • Andrea Levy – Economic Degrowth and Work

  • Tim Jackson and Peter Victor – Towards an Ecological Macroeconomics

  • Bob Willard – The Business Case for the Sustainability Imperative

  • Alan Richardson – Integrated Reporting for Sustainability: What to Integrate and How?

  • Jon Erickson – The Dogma of Ecological Economics



Putting Ecological Economics in Cosmic, Ethical, and Policy Context
  • Peter Brown – The Unfinished Journey of Ecological Economics
  • Steven Quilley – Cosmic History and Ecological Economics 
  • Manjana Milkoreit – Fear of Dystopia
Community Level Sustainability
  • Stephane Tremblay – Understanding Social Values of Ecosystem Services through Perceptions at the Community Level in the Rio Tapajajos Region in the Brazilian Amazon
  • Michelle Molnar – Valuing the Aquatic Benefits of BC’s Lower Mainland
  • Jeff Wilson – Drivers and Distribution of Direct GHG Emissions at an Urban and Sub-regional Scale
Sustaining the Commons
  • Asghedom Ghebremichael – Promoting the Synergetic Nexus between Sustainable Forest Ecosystem Management and Technological Progress
  • Jan Inglis – Commons: A Metasystems Approach to the Unsustainable Market State Regime
  • Alexandra Belaskie and Julie Mallette – From Watersheds to Well-being: A Preliminary Look at Ecosystem Based Indicators of Well-being and their Applications
Biophysical Economics
  • Robert Ayres – Crossing the Energy Divide: The Economic Imperative of Energy Efficiency
Canadian Energy and Climate Policy
  • Peter Love – Canadian Energy Policy Issues  
  • Christina Hoicka – Low Carbon Pathways: Insights to Improve Residential Energy Retrofits and Avoid a 4 to 6 Degree Future
  • Nathan Lemphers – How Oilsands Development is Reshaping Canada’s Economy
  • Question and Answer Session
Ecosystem Services Valuation
  • Maria Nijnik – Valuation of Ecosystem Services: to Value or Not to Value
  • Tania Briceno – Value Lost in Translation: Integrating Ecological Principles into Environmental Valuations
Towards a Green Economy
  • Keith Brooks – Campaigning for Green Jobs and a Green Economy
  • James Law – Community Power Perspectives: Putting People (and climate) at the Centre of Canada’s Energy Future
  • Question and Answer Session
Methods and Modelling
  • Takuro Uehara (presented by Jeffrey Weih) – An I/O Systems Dynamic Approach to Ecological Economic Modelling  
  • Eric Miller – The Ecological Economics of Canada’s Ageing Population  
  • Brett Dolter – Casting a Long Shadow: Demand-Based Accounting of Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions  
Ecological Economic Foundations
  • Peter Timmerman – Boundary Conditions: Models of the Human for a Finite World
  • Janice Harvey – A New Economics, A New Discourse”
  • Marisa Beck – Less Can be More: Explaining the Diminishing Marginal Return on Social Complexity
Valuation and Biodiversity
  • Tatiana Koveshnikova – Valuing Wetlands in the Credit River Watershed: Implications for Wetland Restoration
  • Jerome Dupras – Using Contingent Valuation and Choice Experiment to Value Agricultural Beneficial Management Practices in Quebec
  • Paul Shrivastava – Alternative Arts-based Business Models for Improving Biodiversity
Money, Degrowth and Governance
  • George Crowell – Confronting Unsustainable Growth and Overcoming Austerity Through Monetary Reform
  • Blair Fix – Energy and Money: Integrating Social Metabolism into Economic Analysis  
  • Sherman Farhad and Miguel A. Gual Font – Socio-ecological Systems Governance
National Accounts and Green Indicators
  • Stephanie Uhde – Land Accounting in Quebec: A Pilot Project for a Sub-Provincial Area
  • Weimin Wang and Patrick Adams – Accounting for Subsoil Mineral and Energy Resources in National Accounts  
  • Laurel Besco – Productivity and Natural Capital  


Partners and Sponsors:

CANSEE wishes to thank all of the partners and sponsors who made this successful event possible (listed below), as well as the conference volunteers, attendees and presenters, York Faculty of Environmental Studies professors and staff, and our conference caterer Michaelanelo’s.