Climax to Criticality

With climate change, a global pandemic, financial collapse, geopolitical tensions, biodiversity loss, and rising inequality, processes of critical transition have been transpiring across globalised social, environmental, and economic systems, since the mid twentieth century. Informed through her work with the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, in this keynote session, Dr. Ellen Quigley will discuss the feedback effects that arise between systemic risks and global economies, with a focus on climate change—and, most importantly, discussing how to mitigate social and environmental risk in the real economy. Dr. Quigley will also illuminate how to maintain the long-term health of the financial system, by advancing beyond the conventions of ESG and responsible investment, with models for universal ownership across asset classes.

Ellen Quigley is a Principal Research Associate, the Co-Director of Finance for Environmental and Social Systemic Change, and the Special Adviser (Responsible Investment) to the Chief Financial Officer, all at the University of Cambridge. Her work centres on the mitigation of climate change and inequality through the investment policies and practices of institutional investors.