CANSEE 2019 Conference Bid

Interested in hosting a CANSEE conference?

The CANSEE executive committee is eager to find a group of people with a similar passion for ecological economics as us! The following is a general outline of what organizing a conference might look like. However, responsibilities are always up for debate and we’re very happy to share some of the load of logistics and planning. The bidding group would do the majority of pavement pounding as the CANSEE executives are spread across Canada. We are happy to provide as much remote assistance as possible in all stages of planning. We’re equally happy to stand back and let you and your group take the reigns, with monthly updates and approval of major decisions.

Bids to host the next CANSEE conference will be considered 2 years before the event. Bids to host the 2019 conference are due April 30, 2017. The executive committee will consider the bids and will inform the hosts as of May 2017. The location of the 2019 conference will be announced at the CANSEE 2017 conference in Montreal.

Submitting a bid to host the CANSEE conference

Bids to host the 2019 conference can be submitted on the form at the bottom of this page. Please read the following criteria before sending in your bid:

  1. All bidding groups must include the name of at least three organizers in the proposal city in order to ensure capacity.
  2. The conference should be held in the Fall of 2019.
  3. The bidding city must be a Canadian city with the capacity to host approximately 200+ attendees.
  4. The bidding group should be supported by an organization such as a university, NGO, or charity.

Responsibilities of the bidding group

The bidding group has responsibility for all logistical and physical arrangements for the conference. CANSEE will offer support in the way of membership contacts, volunteer support, access to our membership e-mail list, web support (if needed), scientific committee organization, and some logistical support. CANSEE can collect income, assist with budget allocation, and will retain all profits.

The local organizers will be required to:

  • provide the venue and conference catering, host registration, and take lead on local publicity
  • set a registration fee for every registrant for the conference which is expected to cover most costs
  • find additional financial support
  • manage the review of abstracts (with support from the CANSEE scientific members)
  • arrange plenary speakers, and the logisitcal flow of the conference (panels, sessions, student awards, etc.)
  • attend monthly meetings with the CANSEE board to report on progress and ask for any assistance
  • elect a conference organizing board to assist in the organization of the conference (ie: media, speaker outreach, fundraising).

Responsibilities of CANSEE

The CANSEE executive Committee will:

  • select the host city and advise the local organizing committee on all aspects of the conference
  • assist the local organizing committee on establishing an effective conference organization team and schedule
  • help publicise the conference
  • approve any major decisions such as the themes for the conference and the overall program structure
  • provide assistance on any logistical matters
  • provide a list of member emails or manage communication to CANSEE members (which ever is agreed on between CANSEE and the bidders)
  • ensure that the organizing committee is sticking to a general conference schedule to ensure success


Conferences will be in primarily in English. The inclusion of some French sessions is encouraged.