To mark the occasion of Dr. Peter Victor’s retirement from York University, and to recognize his many professional and academic contributions, CANSEE and York University organized a one-day symposium in Peter’s honour. You can view all the talks from the panel in the videos below! For an overview of the event and participants you may download the program here.

Panel 1

Moderator: Eric Miller
Participants: Philip Lawn, Eric Miller, Christoph Gran, Atif Kubursi, Brett Dolter, and Martin Sers

Panel 2

Moderator: Sophie Sanniti
Participants: Giorgos Kallis, Sophie Sanniti, Gus Speth, Peter Timmerman, Mikael Malmaeus, Peter Brown and Stewart Wallis

Panel 3

Moderator: Ellie Perkins
Participants: Jack Donnan, Mathis Wackernagel, Helle Tosine, Ed Crummey, Andreas Link, Mark Winfield, and David Suzuki

Panel 4

Moderator: Ed Hanna
Participants: Jon Erikson, Ed Hanna, Josh Farley, Robert Smith, and Herman Daly

Remarks from Carmen, Maria, and Peter Victor

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