2015 Conference: “Pathways for Change: Towards a Just and Sustainable Economy”

Vancouver Thank You Canusee 2015



Thank you

To the attendees, volunteers, partners, sponsors, organizing committee, technical committee, USSEE Executive and CANSEE Executive.

The first Joint Conference of the US and Canadian Societies for Ecological Economics took place in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, October 1-4, 2015.

It was CANSEE’s tenth and USSEE’s eighth biannual conference with the conference theme Pathways for Change: Towards a Just and Sustainable Economy.

The field of ecological economics is central to the critical issues of our time. Solutions to the increasing pressures faced on economic, social and environmental systems require cross-disciplinary research and policy formulation. We are committed to developing new approaches to understanding our economy, its interdependence with biophysical systems and issues of social justice that current economic systems are inadequate to address.

The conference was well attended engaging with people from a diverse set of backgrounds and disciplines, from scholarship, civil society, the private sector and the public to create, debate, and promote new paradigms, tools and messages that will facilitate progress towards justice and sustainability at local, national and global scales.

We were blessed to work with David Suzuki Foundation, Earth Economics, the Pembina Foundation, the Sitka Foundation, and the BioPhysical Economics group as partners in this conference. We appreciate all the help that has made the conference possible on the part of a great many volunteers, colleagues and partners.

See the attached version of the CANUSSEE 2015 Conference Program here CANUSSEE 2015 Conference Program

See the CANSEE Wrap-up document with key take-aways here CANUSSEE 2015 Key Take-Aways

More information from the conference, including presentations and video will be shared in the coming months.  If you’d like to volunteer your assistance, please contact the executive.

Michelle Molnar and Andreas Link,

Conference Co-Chair and President,

Canadian Society for Ecological Economics

Rumi Shammin and Jonathan M. Harris,

Conference Co-Chair and President,

US Society for Ecological Economics