Welcome to the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics

CANSEE is a Chapter of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE). The mandate of CANSEE/SCANÉÉ is to develop and promote understanding of the nature and implications of this dependence through research, education, policy analysis, communication, and other means. The purposes of CANSEE/SCANÉÉ are inter alia to:

1. foster transdisciplinary discourse among the social and natural sciences;
2. provide a Canadian node for activities in ecological economics;
3. research and disseminate information on policies for sustainability globally, nationally, and locally; and
4. promote education, graduate research and research funding in ecological economics.

There are many ways you can get involved with the CANSEE community.

You can join CANSEE; become an officer, a contributor, or an academic advisor; get connected with Ecological Economic students, profs, and graduate opportunities; follow us on social media (Facebook or Twitter); or join our mailing list to get monthly updates on all our upcoming events and news from the ecological economic community around Canada.

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